Monday December 18 , 2017

Social Work

Our main attention in this department is primarily Guidance and Counseling to ensure that we mould an all rounded generation from this institution. In this regard we endeavor to ensure that those students who are admitted at the center undergo spiritual guidance, social and moral guidance and also some psychological counseling.

In so doing we ensure that they do not conform to what a majority of youths in the co temporally society are doing like affiliating to anti social groups.

The department conducts interviews to the students on admission with an aim to orient and motivate them to the right path. More so the social worker/ counselor conducts home visits and counseling at the homes of our students to establish their background hence helping us handle our students more appropriately and efficiently.

The department moulds and strengthens the capacity as well as counsel the youths during their trainings. This is achieved through individual and well organized group counseling sessions ranging from emotional, social and behavioral problem.

Issues we embark upon include:

  • Drugs and Substance Abuse Counseling
  • HIV/AIDS Counseling
  • Life Skills & Self Awareness
  • Youth Guiding & Counseling
  • Psychological Counseling
  • Gender & Legal Clinic

More so we ensure that Christian morals are adhered to and a Christianity foundation is emphasized through our daily devotions and Sunday services. The department counsels and supports the graduated youths so that they can be able to venture in their own businesses given that unemployment is so rampant and also to have a competitive edge in the job market.

In this regard we have a revolving fund that is accorded to the willing graduates on request to enable them start their own businesses.

In conjunction with the administration and other medical professionals the organization through this department organizes free medical clinics in order to give back to the society and also assist the less fortunate. We also organize workshops for both students and staff; this is facilitated by invited guests who are normally experts in respective fields.

We do have a transitional home located some few kilometers from the institution. The home comes in handy for the already graduated gents from the institution as they get to occupy the rooms at a subsidized fee.

Students encounter challenges beyond the scope of teachers’ awareness at some point during their school careers. In experiencing such dilemmas, many students develop the adaptive coping skills that help them navigate life’s difficult experiences.

Despite the natural coping ability that most students exhibit, their teachers can be ill-equipped to provide proper guidance & counseling in the way that students adapt, change and grow through the process of learning from outcomes and mistakes,.

The Social Work department assess their outcomes in order to better guide such students. Through the support and role-modeling that is provided by fully engaged Counsellor they are able to learn how to manage challenges. Learning to deal with challenges empowers them to overcome obstacles and seize opportunities

Students attend free counseling sessions on Wednesdays and Fridays for half an hour before proceeding to their classes. We also organize workshops on monthly basis for our students which are normally facilitated by Professionals from different fields. The workshops include entrepreneurship, Health, life skills among others and we have outsourced subject matter experts from the Ministry Of Health, Youth Enterprise Development Fund (YEDF), and Equity Bank Foundation among others.