Monday December 18 , 2017

About NCPA

Nakuru Christian Professionals Association (NCPA) is an association of Doctors, Lawyers, Engineers, Teachers, Lecturers, Dentists, Agriculturalists, Businessmen inter alia who are based in Nakuru.

Group formed in 1998 by a group of Christian Professionals. Group was motivated by a conviction that, "we can all do something to meet the material and spiritual needs of our society". As part of their service to the community they successfully established Nakuru Counseling & Training Institute (NCTI) with mission to alleviate extreme poverty through offering affordable vocational training to the destitute youth from children homes and the disadvantaged families within Nakuru.


• To achieve a vibrant, holistically transformed community living with dignity.


• To empower communities in Nakuru towards alleviation of poverty through advocacy, capacity building and spiritual transformation.

    • People are made in the image of God
    • Integrity
    • Respect for all people
    • Non Partisan
    • Teamwork
    • Biblical principles

NCPA conducts other services to the community which include: 
    • Legal services to the juveniles
    • Free Medical clinics conducted in slum areas
    • Agricultural services
    • Counseling services
    • Business Startup capital in form of revolving fund.